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Ørestads Boulevard 5
DK-2300 S

P: +45 24 97 17 65

Opening hours
Monday to Friday, 9AM to 3PM

CVR-nr.: 39851490
EAN-nr.: 5798000363410

Press contact


Grith Enemark

Head of Communications
The National Genome Center
Telefon: +45 20 63 48 91

The executive board


Bettina Lundgren

CEO, M.D., D.M.Sc.

Peter Løngreen

Director general HPC, CTO


Kasper Lindegaard-Hjulmann

Executive Secretary (on leave until summer 2020)

Mads Bager Hoffmann


Mette Christensen

PA for the CEO
Mobil: 21829276

Mette Kjær

Center Secretary
Mobil: 21 82 93 20

Dorthe Kjærsgaard

PA for the director HPC

Cecilie Bohn

PA for the director HPC

Grith Enemark

Head of Communications
Telefon: +45 20 63 48 91

Lars Emde Poulsen

Senior Consultant

Alexi Bergmann Burns-Tang

Contract Manager (Finance)

Louise Cecilie Overgaard

Procurement Manager (Finance)

Morten Andreasen

Committee Consultant

Marlene Beck

Special Advisor (Finance)

Julie Rosenkilde

Senior Consultant (Finance)

Kristina Svoldgaard Bork

Student Assistant

Emma Lindemann Jensen

Student Assistant

High Performance Computing (HPC)

Ole Lund

Chief Bioinformatics Officer (CBO)

Cathrine Jespersgaard

Section Leader (Databases)

Sonia Diaz Garcia

Senior Technical Communications Officer

National Center for Whole-Genome Sequencing

Kasper Thorsen

Chief of WGS center

Healthcare Team

Lene Heickendorff

Medical Consultant

Peter Johansen

Special Advisor

Data Protection Advisor

Helle Ginnerup-Nielsen

Data Protection Advisor Helle Ginnerup-Nielsen is responsible for monitoring and advising on data protection in the departments and institutions under the Danish Ministry of Health. The Data Protection Advisor is the point of contact for registered stakeholders and the Supervisory Authority.