Danish National Genome Center

Organisation chart of the Danish National Genome Center. Bettina Lundgren is the CEO. Christian Dubois is Chief of staff, Management Secretariat. Camilla Borchorst is COO. Birgitte Nybo Jensen is CMO. Cathrine Jespersgaard is acting chief of WGS. Ole Lund is Chief of pipeline and analysis. Cathrine Jespersgaard is head of Genome Database and Interpretation Support. Vacant in IT infrastructure. In addition, a development unit for Precision Medicine

Danish National Genome Center is a new government agency and an authority within the Danish Healthcare system. Danish National Genome Center’s primary task is to lay the foundation for the development of better diagnostics and more targeted treatments for patients using whole-genome sequencing (WGS). 

Download the organisational chart (PDF)

Download the Danish Ministry of Health's organisational chart for authorities (PDF)