What is a cookie?

Almost all websites uses cookies today. In many situations, cookies can be necessary for the services provided by the website. A cookie is a small data file that websites store on the user's computer in order to recognise the computer. Cookies can among other things be used to compile statis-tics on users' use of the website. A cookie is a passive file and cannot collect information on the user’s computer, spread computer viruses or other malicious programs. The first time you visit the site, we display a message at the top of the page that we use cookies on the website. If you navi-gate further without turning off cookies, we will start using cookies when you click on. You can delete cookies again at any time.

We use the following types of cookies:

  • GoBasic_CookieState

GoBasic_CookieState registers that the user have accepted cookies and remembers this when switching pages.

  • GB_resolution

GB-resolution is a technical cookie, which ensures that im-ages are scaled according to screen size. 

  • CookieConsent

Saves the user’s cookie-consent for the current do-main.

What happens if I do not accept cookies?

If cookies are not accepted, some elements on our website might not work. This applies, for example, to a comment module.

How do I remove cookies?

Once you have accepted cookies, you will always be able to remove them by visiting this site. Alternatively, you can re-move unwanted cookies from your browser’s internet set-tings.

Why do we inform about cookies?

All Danish websites are obliged to inform about which cook-ies are used on the user's equipment. The information must be in accordance with the \"Executive Order on require-ments for information and consent when storing and ac-cessing information in end users' terminal equipment\".
The executive order requires that informed consent is ob-tained from the user when websites wish to store cookies on the user's IT equipment.

Link to the executive order (in Danish)
Link to guide (in Danish)

Further questions

General questions about cookies, executive orders and guidance can be directed to the Danish Business Authority, tel. +45 35 46 60 00.


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