Interview: Big, bigger, biggest data: CTO Peter Løngreen on Denmark’s national genome project

Published 12-07-2019

McKinsey’s Copenhagen office has interviewed Director general HPC, CTO Peter Løngreen.

You can read the in-depth interview at McKinsey's website but below you find a key answer from Peter Løngreen:

McKinsey: What do you find most exciting about the center? What parts of the vision are the most provocative?

Peter Løngreen: It’s the ability to do large-scale data integration in a way we have not done before. My team’s background is in supercomputing, IT architecture, and software development. We do not necessarily have the complete understanding of the cause and effect of diseases that doctors have. But to assemble all these professionals, physicians, tech experts, and biologists in one place is powerful. Those sessions have yielded insight that we can translate into functioning IT infrastructure. I am excited, because this is interdisciplinary work on a much larger scale than we have seen before.