Danish National Genome Center appoints Ole Lund as Chief Bioinformatics Officer

Published 28-06-2019

Danish National Genome Center (NGC) has appointed Professor Ole Lund as Chief Bioinformatics Officer.

Ole Lund has been working with bioinformatics for more than 20 years and his 170 academic papers have been cited more than 10.000 times.

Professor Ole Lund is a renowned Danish scientist in the field of bioinformatics and he has made major contributions to protein science, immunology and bacteria research. Most of his research has been conducted in close collaboration with the health system in Denmark. Ole Lund has also headed the development of the genomic analysis tools and the web site for Center for Genomic Epidemiology (CGE) that offers analysis of raw and assembled whole genome bacterial data.

“We are delighted to welcome Professor Ole Lund to the Danish National Genome Center. His leading expertise and academic background in the development of precision medicine will be invaluable as we work towards delivering targeted treatment for the patients by means of knowledge of their genes and the causes of diseases,” says director general Peter Løngreen.

Ole Lund

"I am excited to be appointed as Chief Bioinformatics Officer at NGC. It is a great opportunity to help create the Infrastructure needed for precision medicine to benefit everyone in Denmark," says Ole Lund.

Ole Lund obtained his Master of Engineer from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in 1991, with a specialty in mathematical modeling of biological systems. He holds a Ph.D. in Physics Institute, from the Technical University of Denmark in 1995.

Ole Lund was employed in Structural Bioinformatics Advanced Technologies Company, where he worked to improve state-of-the-art in predicting the structure of proteins. Since 2002 he has been employed at DTU, where he worked for the first few years on developing methods that can predict which parts of proteins the immune system will react.

Since 2007 he has been employed as a professor at the Center for Biological Sequence Analysis at DTU system biology, and at the DTU National Food Institute.

Ole Lund will start on 1 July 2019. He will be responsible for the coordination of bioinformatics activities within and in relation to NGC, including the national collaborations with clinical and research environments.