Towards 60.000 whole genomes analyses of Danish patients

Published 07-05-2019

Today a new government agency is presented as part of the Danish Healthcare system. Danish National Genome Center will contribute to the development of precision medicine to the benefit of the patients.

The center will strengthen the possibility of doctors and researchers to provide targeted treatment for the patients by means of knowledge of their genes and the causes of diseases. The goal is that NGC will be able to deliver the up to 60.000 whole genome analyses requested by the Danish health care system over the next 4-5 years.

The center will be world-leading pioneers in terms of managing big heterogenous health data as part of promoting precision medicine. This means that the supercomputer system of the Danish National Genome Center is designed to collect, store, analyze, process and combine extremely large and different amounts of data. Data security is a central priority. 

With the Danish National Genome Center Denmark will have a world-leading and high-tech center for precision medicine. The supercomputer in the center will be one of the world's largest systems designed to develop precision medicine. We are building a supercomputer system that enables the combination of large amounts of different types of data. We might combine text from Electronic Health Records (EHR), x-rays and genetic data. The supercomputer’s analysic power will enable us to uncover patterns and contexts that provide a very accurate picture of patient treatment while at the same time endowing health research with a data infrastructure that has great potential to the benefit of future patients,” says acting Director General Peter Løngreen. 

The Danish National Genome Center is ready to receive data 1st of July. 

Based on an application by Denmark’s Ministry of Health, the Board of Directors of the Novo Nordisk Foundation approved in December 2018 a framework grant of DKK 990 million (€133 million) over 4.5 years for establishing and operating the infrastructure of Danish National Genome Center. The Foundation has released DKK 102 million of this to begin setting up the Centre’s data and information technology unit immediately in 2019.

 In September, Bettina Lundgren will be part of the executive board in Danish National Genome Center.

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