NGC is ready to receive tests from five new patient groups - Have a look at the professional recommendations (in Danish)

Published 23-03-2022

The Steering Committee for the implementation of personalised medicine has approved the recommendations for five new patient groups. This means that, as of March 14, Danish National Genome Center (NGC) is ready to receive blood samples for whole genome sequencing.

Group Managing Director, The Region of Southern Denmark and vice chair in the Steering Committee for the implementation of personalised medicine, Kurt Espersen, says:

“I am happy that another five patient groups will benefit from the genetic analysis, and that Danish experts have worked together to clarify which patients, who are to be offered a genetic analysis in relation to a diagnostic process. Hopefully, it will result in the patients getting a faster and more precise answer in terms of what their diagnosis is, and what the potential further, more specific treatment will be – and that it is the case no matter where they live in Denmark”.

The five patient groups, which are offered whole genome sequencing as part of their treatment, are:

  1. Endocrinology patients
  2. Hereditary heart diseases
  3. Children and young people with cancer
  4. Primary immune defect
  5. Hereditary hematological disease

Have a look at the professional recommendations (only in Danish) from the national experts, including also requisition form and criteria for ordering the specific indications.

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